The gramineae, also known as Poaceae, are small/medium plants that are part of the family of monocotylidone angiosperms. and are mostly known for the allergy they cause in the spring period. In fact they also have many benefits.

Characteristics of the Grasses

These plants are very varied and different and can be perennials or annually. Greggio Vivai specializes in the production of these garden plants, which are suitable for different uses and purposes. The characteristic aspect of the grasses shows the leaves, wrapped in a cumbo and flap, almost glued just above a structure that takes the name of ligula.
The flowers of these plants are inflorescences which are called spighette and are a distinctive trait of this family.
Ornamental grasses are particularly suitable for the production of public and private green areas, as they are resistant to salt and drought, only one per year is pruned, no fertilizer or plant protection treatments are needed. They offer a beautiful bloom in summer and autumn and a very colorful foliage that creates interesting color combinations.