Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family Graminaceae
Type of plants Herbaceous perrennials
Height 0.40/0.50 mt
Flower June/September
Berrie / Fruit No
Leaf Green leaf and threadlike
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Medium
Habit Erect
Exposure Sun
Info Ideal for private gardens and public parks

Features and uses:

Stipa Tenuissima is native to southern America, it is an elegant ornamental grass belonging to the Poaceae fox.

It is nicknamed "Angels Hair", thanks to the appearance of its leaves: perhaps the thinner of all the light-colored gramineae, which form a dense clump of the erect porch. Autumn leaves become blond color.

Its inflorescence appears in the summer, creamy feathers, with silvery reflections, swaying sinuously with the slightest wind. During the winter when frost wraps leaves it creates a fantastic show.

Stipa Tenuissima does not get scared with climatic and is well tolerated by drought conditions. It prefers sunny or semi-shaded exposures. It is not subject to insects or mushrooms and does not require fertilization to grow. The only intervention we recommend is cutting dry leaves at the end of February.

It lends itself to many situations: in rocky gardens, in Mediterranean gardens, in informal gardens, in public green areas, but also in potted patios and terraces. Given its thin leaves it is better to plant this ornamental grass in the group.