Hydrangea is the technical name of the most common hydrangea, plants particularly appreciated for their beauty that resides mainly in the flower, an inflection of spherical, flat or flat shapes.
Horticulture is one of the most commonly used plants to beautify flowerbeds, meadows and gardens, and is a very known or requested ornamental plant.

Hydrangeas have spread to Europe mainly since some species were imported from the eastern regions. The hydrangeas from Asia took the place of American ortensia, which were widespread before their arrival. There are many species of hydrangeas: macrophylla, paniculata, quercifolia and serrata are just a few of these.

Below you will find one of the largest collection of this incredible plant, perfect to beautify all sorts of contexts: from modern to old gardens ..
Before buying it reminds you of some simple things: hydrangeas are particularly durable and durable plants but require a fairly frequent irrigation, especially in the summer, or they may be drenched. Also be careful not to expose them excessively to the sun or risk irrigating them to dry or burn the leaves. Exposure to the sun is recommended only in mountain areas and in the north, while in the center / south it is recommended to keep the hydrangeas sheltered, possibly placing them in a shaded area.