Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family poaceae
Type of plants Ornamental grass
Height 2 mt (adult)
Flower September to October, erect kits end with a large silver plume
Berrie / Fruit None
Leaf Persistent, cuddly leaves, gray green, falling
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Fast
Habit Tufty erect, vigorous
Exposure Sun
Info Ideal for gardens, flowerbeds and isolated

Features and uses:

Cortaderia selloana belongs to the Poaceae family and is commonly called "Pampa grass". It is an ornamental herb of fast growth, in fact it can reach up to 2 m height as an adult; Greggio Vivai cultivates this variety in pots, along with similar cultivars Cortaderia selloana Pumila and Cortaderia selloana Rosea.

Cortaderia Selloana looks like a soft and flexible bush, with persistent, long, arched leaves of green color. His flowers are very scenic, they are large white feathers with silver reflections, supported by long erect stems, appear between August and October.

This ornamental grass is not suitable for small gardens, but is perfect for medium-large gardens, public parks or near lakes. Given its size, Cortaderia Selloana can be planted individually or together with other essences.

The advantages of this graminacea? Surely its fascinating and majestic appearance, able to create a perfect background for photos and events. But its importance, typical of this category of plants, is very important. Resistance to drought, disease, and poor maintenance, just one pruning per year is enough to remove dried leaves and flowers. These items are very precious and allow considerable economic savings over time.