Greggio Vivai specializes in the production of ornamental plants for gardens; The vast assortment includes flower buds, hedges, tree trimmings, perennials, and the most important collections of ornamental hydrangea, roses and graminaceae.

The production grows in containers of 3 liters and in plate, proposing a wide variety of varieties, sizes and shapes that combine with each other will create breathtaking landscapes.
Thanks to the collaboration that has been made with other green professionals all over Europe, Greggio Vivai is able to meet the demands of plants not in production.
Check out our site, download the general catalog or ask for a copy for free.

90 hydrangea-diamant-rouge-ortensia-vivai.jpg


6 rosa-coltivazione-vendita-ingrosso-greggio-vivai.jpg


53 pennisetum-red-head.jpg

Ornamental grasses

126 chaenomeles_superba_cameo.jpg

Shrubs and hedges

14 bamboo_nigra.jpg


54 panoramica_conifere1.jpg


8 lagerstroemia_fiorita1.jpg


5 trachycarpus_fortunei.jpg

Palms and similar

24 perowskia_laceyblue.jpg


5 tamarix.jpg

Plant high stem

3 pesco_fiorito.jpg

Fruit trees

15 bignonia_madame_galen.jpg