Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family poaceae
Type of plants Herbaceous perrennials
Height From 0,80 to 1 mt (adult)
Flower Late summer, early fall inflorescence shaped pink coral cloud
Berrie / Fruit None
Leaf fine verde scuro
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Medium
Habit erect tuft
Exposure Sun
Info Ideal for private gardens and public parks

Features and uses:

Muhlenbergia capillaris is a graminacea belonging to the Poaceae family, originating in the southeastern United States.

This ornamental grass is one of the best-known and best-selling in the Greggio Vivai collection. It is famous mainly for its rich and soft bloom, pink, which appears in autumn and illuminated by the rays of the sun giving the vision of a cloud wrapped with unique shades.
Its inflorescence extends to the winter, when it is wrapped in the mist or is covered with frost and gives another fantastic, almost magical spectacle.

Its leaves are green, long and thin, rough to touch; the ends curve slightly, creating a light and natural effect, and form an erect tuft.

It prefers sunny locations and a well-drained and damp ground, but also good in pots, for patios and terraces.

For those who prefer to plant the Muhlenbergia capillaris on the ground, it is advisable to create a group, thus strengthening the color of the inflorescence, it can be used as a border or a small hedge, but also to create mixed flower beds.

Thanks to its characteristic features of ornamental grasses, it is well-known both in public and private areas, in fact it does not require irrigation, does not require fertilization or plant protection treatments. Only an intervention becomes necessary, and it is pruning at the end of the winter of the dry leaves, to keep the green area clean and tidy, and leave room for the new leaves.