Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family poaceae
Type of plants Ornamental grass
Height 50/60 cm
Flower July/September
Berrie / Fruit No
Leaf filiform green leaf, white-pink inflorescence
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Medium
Habit Erect
Exposure Sun

Features and uses:

The Pennisetum alopecuroides Hameln originates in China and Japan and is a very long ornamental grass belonging to the Poaceae family.

The filiform leaves are green, thin and long and form a fountain-shaped bush. In autumn they assume a golden color. From the center of the tufts are erect herringbones that will bring to the top the rich and dense inflorescence in the form of a white cream-colored sparkle and silvery reflections.

The Pennisetum alop. Hameln is very rustic, resistant to low temperatures and even drought, better planted in well drained and not necessarily fertile soil. It prefers a position in the sun, but it also fits well into the half shade.

It is a very interesting ornamental grass for planters and flower beds, very simple as maintenance, as it requires only one pruning in the first days of March, does not require regular irrigation, is not subject to disease and does not require fertilization. Additionally if planted next to other grasses, they will create a rug that will prevent herbaceous plants from growing.

In mixed blends, both in parks and road rounds, it can be combined with other essences such as Pennisetum Herbstzauber, Pennisetum Viridescens, Miscanthus Cabaret, or Calamagrostis avalanche, Pennisetum Little Honey