Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family poaceae
Type of plants Herbaceous perrennials
Height From 1,70 to 2 mt (adult)
Flower August - November, brown-brown breasts
Berrie / Fruit None
Leaf Fallow,grey-ble color
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Medium
Habit erect tuft
Exposure Sun
Info Ideal for private gardens and public parks

Features and uses:

The Sorghastrum nutans Indian Steel is a native grasshopper from North America, belonging to the Poaceae family.

This ornamental grass is formed by long grey-blue leaves, which form an erect tuft. Its height can also reach 2 mt, so it is ideal for creating separate inside the gardens. It can also be used in mixed flower beds, provided it is placed in the background.

The spruce inflorescence is supported by long barrels, it develops in late summer and is of bronze color.

Better if planted in the sun or in semi-shadows, however, it can also be adapted in shadow areas.

It is perfect for those who do not have time to devote to the garden, in fact, its characteristics common to other ornamental grasses make it absolutely autonomous. It does not need abundant and regular water, does not require fertilizer, does not get sick.

After admiring a wonderful winter landscape given by the stubble covered with frost, it will be good to dry the dried fruits and wait for a new and vigorous vegetation.

For those who want to create a mixed bed, it can match the Sorghastrum n. Indian Steel such as: Pennisetum alop. Magic, Miscanthus sin. Adagio, Miscanthus sin. Zebrinus, Pleiobastus Pygmaeus, Carex osh. Evergold.