Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family poaceae
Type of plants Herbaceous perrennials
Height From 1,40 to 1,60 mt (adult)
Flower August-October silver feathers and light purple
Berrie / Fruit None
Leaf Linear, slim, arched that falls orange and red in autumn
Fragrance Non
Growth rate Medium
Habit Erect, medium-large bush
Exposure Sun
Info Ideal for private gardens, public parks. It does not need maintenance

Features and uses:

The Miscanthus sinensis Grosse Fontäne originates in Asia, belongs to the Poaceae family and is an ornamental grass with medium / large growth. In fact, its height also reaches around 1.60 mt and if planted in optimal conditions can reach 1.80 / 2 mt.

This ornamental grass appears as a clump of leafy, thin and very long leaves, which tend to bend to the ends, green. In September, the leaves take on the typical autumn and reddish colors, while in winter, when covered with frost, they give an almost surreal landscape. From the base are born long and rigid stems that will bring the typical inflorescence of these plants to the top: a brown / beige ear that will slowly open and show silvery reflections.

How to use the Miscanthus sin. Grosse Fontane in your garden? Well ... seeing his height will surely be perfect in a mixed bed, positioned as a background to other weeds, such as Pennisetum Viridescens, Miscanthus sin. Little Zebra, Miscanthus Kleine Silberspinne or Pennisetum Orientale.

Or it is very suitable for making a hedge of soft and sinuous effect, or to create a corner in the garden, a "see, I do not see."

With this plant, belonging to ornamental grasses, there will be no maintenance concerns as it is very resistant to drought, disease, and only asks for a potaure in March, carried out at the base of the plants with a scissor bush, to remove the leaves dry.

These features will certainly lead to maintenance costs being reduced, so ornamental grasses are indicated for both public parks, roadblocks and private gardens.