Features and uses:

Lagerstroemia Indica originates in China and Japan, used to decorate ancient temples. He was later brought to India, where he was discovered by the director of the Indie Company, from which, in his honor, took the name.

It belongs to the Lithraceae family, it is a shrub, but it is also considered a small tree, in fact it can be cultivated either in the form of a bush (as a stump) or as a tree (tall stem).

Lagerstroemia indicates, today it is widely widespread everywhere, and is known for its rich summer blossom that can be white, pink, lilac, purple, or red. The many small flowers are clustered in cobwebs, which in the full bloom will hide the foliage and grow on new branches.

The leaves are not very large, but they create a dense shiny green shade in the spring summer, while in the autumn they are tinged with the warm colors of yellow, orange and red, creating a truly enchanting setting.

The stem of Lagerstroemia indicates a bark of light color, perfectly smooth until the end of the vegetative period; over time, especially in exemplary plants, it takes on some pleasurable shrewd forms.

How to enter Lagerstroemia in the context of your garden? Whether cultivated by trees or cultivated in a bush, it can be the protagonist in the middle of a green meadow, or one close to the other can form a splendid driveway, and can still be the protagonist of a flowerbed, combined with other essences that remain lower or even upholstered. Perfect for public parks, does not have thorns, does not require special care, but only a position in the sun and a well drained soil.