Features and uses:

Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta belongs to the family of eleagneaceae, it originates in Asia and derives from Eeagean Elaeagnus.

Unlike the classic variety mentioned above, Eleagnus ebbingei Compacta has a slower growth and a very compact posture. Branches tend to have a more ordered growth.
Its persistent foliage is dark green on the upper page and silvery green on the lower page.
In autumn there are many white small flowers that give off a delicious scent.

The Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta does not present problems during cultivation, in fact it boasts the merits of the variety of origin: It works well in different climates and is also excellent in the maritime areas. It does not require frequent irrigation and thanks to its small size does not require pruning.

Excellent also in small gardens, L'Elaeagnus eb. Compacta lends itself very well in making small hedges and borders, flower beds with mixed shrubs or in flourish.