Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family Rosaceae
Type of plants Shrub
Height 80-100
Flower Abundant fragrant bloom in May and throughout the summer
Berrie / Fruit Yes, in autumn
Leaf Intense green, fallen or semi-fallen, according to the climatic zone where the plant is located
Fragrance Yes
Growth rate Medium
Habit Erect
Exposure Sun
Info Private gardens, public green areas, terraces. In groups or individually
Nostalgic rose with extremely large flowers of a bright yellow color fishing. The flowers stay long on both single stems and medium-sized bouquets. Early flowering and rich flowering. Strong and inebriating scent, intense and fruity
Nose nostalgic, shrubby with rich flowering. A variety of tips in ours assortment of scents of nostalgic roses. Medium - sized flowers, in bouquets of 5/10 creamy white buds with greenish nuances.They have no round shape and open on a beautiful foliage. Very nice if coupled with boxwood bushes and meadow.
New in the assortment of nostalgic roses large flower, very compact, from the erecture of flowers filled with petal-shaped flowers. The flowers of
purple color have an extremely pleasant scent.
Augusta Luise® can no doubt be considered one of the best and most famous roses in Europe. A dreamy rose with flowing flowers that goes
from rosé to apricot with nuances tending to red and yellow. Sturdy robustness and for you, one of the best nostalgics.
Variety recommended by Rosen Tantau. Nostalgic flowers, large, full and noble, that they bloom uninterruptedly in a beautiful yellow gold color. To note the intense perfume. The flowers are suitable for being cut and are resistant to rain. Very strong growth. Winter protection is recommended.
Shrub-like shrub from strong and robust growth with bright green foliage. Flowers of a special dark orange color, from the nostalgic cup full shape, and from the perfume intense. Also suitable for being cut off. Depending on temperature, intensity of the sun rays and the flowering stage, the color of the flowers changes from the yellow peach pink apricot.Mol to good shooting. Very early flowering.
Thea hybrid of strong growth with flowers of a romantic tonality. Flowers a lot large, full and nostalgic cream. The noble pink scent distinguishes it. Great in pot.
An absolutely remarkable novelty in the range of garden roses for the sensational one flower color. The flowers are surprisingly mottled with brushstrokes. Of dark red color, red, to a light pink. The plant does develops perfectly from the second year with a compact growth and
bushy. The dark, strong, shiny green foliage is medium in size. Light scent of more.
Floribunda, pink with an erect growth that can reach 100 cm. The large flowers from the cup shape have an extremely intense aroma. Thanks to
this scent this variety is considered considerably interesting! Foliage sturdy. The plant is bushy and compact with its erect, very beautiful appearance. Planted individually or in groups of three or five shrubs.
The rose Heidi Klum presents with a very compact growth and noble flowers, full and strong lilac-violet color. A delicately scented fragrance with a bright foliage. A cutting-edge novelty.
Floribunda with very solid flowers of noble appearance of immaculate white color. A rarity! The foliage similar to leather is light green and creates a great contrast with pure white flowers. The plant has bushy, upright, medium height.
A noble rose of superior quality. Extremely large and elegant flowers of dark intense and brilliant pink color. The plant grows bushy and upright with a very healthy foliage and resistant to winter hardships. Very nice also cut for the vessel. Bring the perfume of this rose to your homes!

This exceptional rose has become a "classic" in the world of roses. Nostalgie® has become part of every rose collection as a cut flower
both as a garden rose and is known throughout the world. The round shape of flowers combined with the particular combination of colors: cream white /cherry red to the intense scent, make it a pink to love. Blossoming is uninterrupted until frosted in enchanting bouquets. The green foliage
very dark like the leather is a wonderful contrast to the color of the flowers. Safety -mind the "rose" par excellence.
The Pastella® variety is a very large floribunda bush with compact growth and with medium-large flowers. Cup-shaped flowers are white in color cream with pink colored edges with a light ribbon of greenery. They have a long pot life. The growth of the plant is particularly surprising for the abundance of flowers. A variety that is becoming more and more popular. A glamorous pink with excellent resistance to fungal diseases.
The Piano® variety is the nostalgic rose flower of great red blood color, robust and fascinating. Like all nostalgic roses the big flowers of color brilliant red, petals rich in cup shape and grow in small clusters. The dark green colored leaf with red tones is extremely
healthy. Variety also suitable for being cut. The Rose® Piano has one bloom continues to frost.
Of this rose mainly affects the big flower and full of dark red color brilliant. Strong and erect stems, abundant and shiny foliage make it a rose
extremely robust nobleman. The flowers are rain resistant.
Noble Rose with very vigorous, upright and healthy growth. The big flowers are full of very dark pink color. They stand for long in the pot.