Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family Rosaceae
Type of plants Shrub
Height 30/40 cm and 50/70 cm
Flower Rich flowering from May to September. Light scent
Berrie / Fruit Yes, in autumn
Leaf Green, medium small. Fallen or semi-fallen leaf, according to the climatic area where the plant is located
Fragrance Yes
Growth rate Slow
Habit Ground cover
Exposure Sun
Info Private gardens, public green areas, terraces. In groups, for borders or individually

The roses groundcovers Meilland ® due to their behavior quickly cover the ground and have a flowering abbondanbe. Naturally resistant to disease, require little pruning.

COMPACT          Astronomia®, Cumbaya®, Le quatre saisons®, 
                             Pink Meilove®, Sangria®

NATURE              Coral Drift®, Icy Drift®,  Peach Drift®, Pink Drift®,
                             Popcorn Drift®, Red Drift®

GROUNDCOVER Botticellii®, Douceur Normande®, Gold Tequila®, 
                              La sevillana Plus®,  La sevillana®, Red Meidiland®,
                              White Meidiland®, Knock Out Double Pink®,
                              Knock Out Double®, Knock Out Pink®,  Knock Out Red®

BABY                    Romantica Coral®, Romantica Mango®, 
                              Romantica Gold®, Romantica Candia®, 
                              Romantica Cream®, Romantica Gold®