Production Container
Shape Bush freeform
Family Rosaceae
Type of plants Shrub
Height 100-120
Flower May
Berrie / Fruit Yes
Leaf Fallen, semi-fallen
Fragrance Yes
Growth rate Medium
Habit Erect
Exposure Sun
Info Private gardens, public parks, flower boxes

Roses can be used in so many ways that you will always have a bit of space for them in your garden.
According to your taste and style of your garden, you will find the variety more just to make a sunny flowerbed, to adorn the wall of the house or a pergola, to create a flowering hedge or a beautiful vase on the terrace.

The spectacular and elegant flowering will give you great satisfaction.

The classic roses are a important production for Greggio Vivai, which offers:

BIG FLOWERS: interesting flower, disease resistant, with a beautiful leaf green all summer. Their vegetation narrow and straight is ideal for making hedges, for example to separate from the rest the ortho garden.

FLOWER GROUPED (Polyantha): These roses make up the large beds of parks and public gardens, or delineate the boundaries of private homes. They bloom continuously with their little flowers, but grouped into bouquets generous.

CLIMBING: they grow from 2 to 5 meters. The long flexible rods that produce many flowers, allow you to adorn the vertical walls. a more natural is to plant climbing roses near trees, in order to beautify their trunks.

TREE: a wide range of roses and ornamental small tree suitable for both on board flowerbed, is at the center of a beautiful green meadow.

From the warm colors of yellow, orange, red colors with romantic light pink, fuchsia, black cherry, lilac roses and do not forget the two-tone shaded in pink-white, white-red, yellow-red, orange-yellow, yellow-coral.